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Splendid job by you in guiding us from time to time. All your good intentions have helped us in the process of restoring the domain of our college web site.You have been giving good support to us for the past five years. let us hope that our association with you would last for long.

A. Srinivas,
HOD computer science
Surana College

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Intranets and Extranet website designing solutions

Intranets And Extranets For Easier Communication

An intranet is an online community that at the very least empowers employees with the information needed to do their jobs better. An extranet is an intranet that empowers your customers or suppliers and partners.

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Intranets are implemented to solve a general company needs - knowledge sharing, online collaboration etc,. Take an example, where employees who need to have access to leave and other requistion forms. He would have to email/call the HR department for this information. An intranet would have allowed the staff to download forms, submit leave request, conveyance particulars without the need to interact or correspond with others. A lot of time is freed up by enabling self-service to your employees.

The core benefits of an intranet come in the form of

improved productivity


higher level of collaboration and communication,

easing the process of information gathering and publishing.

Why do businesses invest in intranets and extranets?

Businesses who don’t communicate with staff online tend to spend significant sums printing a whole heap of ‘stuff’:


Staff handbooks

Staff telephone directories

HR policy documents

Holiday request forms, expenses forms, forms and more forms

Internal reports, surveys etc

Enhancing the Internal Communication Experience

More and more businesses are not just using their intranets and extranets for compliance and information purposes. Dynamic businesses with a view to motivate their staff and generally keep them 'in the loop' are using their online communication for a broad variety of functions:

Email Marketing and SMS messaging with specific events or general messages

Training, examinations and membership

Messaging forums and Blogs

Contact points for ideas and questions to leadership

Video broadcast

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