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E commerce web site designing solutions with PayPal online payments

eCommerce Website Design & Development

Affordable Ecommerce with PayPal

Many small businesses do not have the budget or need to establish an advanced shopping cart solution and/or the trading history to establish a merchant facility with a bank. For this reason PayPal offers a number of basic ecommerce solutions that can pay into a normal bank account, and require minimal setup time, as payment is handled on the PayPal web site.

Accept Online Payments using PayPal

PayPal would be suitable for businesses that are ideally taking the first step into ecommerce trying this for the first time or for those who don't have too many items for sale. With PayPal you can accept payments for your products via credit cards (VISA / Mastercard)

What does PayPal Charge

Opening an account with Paypal is free and you don't need an Internet Merchant's Account. Their charges are scaled according to the amount of sales with lower charges for those who are selling in bulk. Typically their charges range from 1.9% to 3.4% plus $1 per transaction depending on total sales.

How Does PayPal work

To become a Paypal merchant you must first open your merchant's account with them. This can be done in a few minutes and there is no charge. PayPal, provides 'Buy Now' buttons which can be copied into the website, which will allow you to start accepting payments online.

When someone makes a purchase the money is transferred to your Paypal account and you receive an email informing you that the purchase has been made. You can then ship the goods. You can withdraw funds from your account to your bank account at any time.

How can I withdraw Funds (from sales generated)

An interesting aspect introduced by PayPal in 2007, was for Indian merchants who could withdraw funds to their Indian bank accounts. Earlier, merchants could only withdraw funds by way of Check or withdrawal to a bank in the USA. This new features will help businesses to get their funds quicker and in a more secure manner.

Do My Buyers have to be PayPal members?

Paypal now offers a "User Account Optional" option to purchasers that allows them go ahead and make a secure purchase without having to join.

This now makes Paypal a viable and cost effective option for those who are considering "testing the water" with ecommerce.

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