11 Steps to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2014

If you suffer any troubles with getting high rankings, or if you misplaced them after any of the Google updates, regardless whether you’re new to SEO or you are an SEO expert, build certain to carefully study this guidebook and follow all advice given to get in the Top 10 on Google.

Revealing the most important reasons WHY some people cannot succeed in getting placed in Google Top 10 and what exactly you need doing – and how doing it – in order to successfully achieve #1 on Google in 2014!

Here are the 11 steps need to get top 10 ranking on Google.

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3 ways to increase in-store social awareness

By merely marking up a Twitter or Facebook fan page, one cannot require all customers to automatically follow or like your occupation. It is one of the biggest misconceptions restaurant and franchise owners have when it comes to social media. Furthermore, if you are more socially savvy, setting up your business on Pinterest also can be effectual. Nevertheless, these steps are still exactly the construction phases of effectively linking your current online customers to your multiple social nets.

Here are three simple and cost-effective ways to increase societal consciousness and involvement with your customers directly in your arena.This will likewise serve to drive offline customers to get in touch with your business online.

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50+ Things You Should Learn About Your Client

Getting to know your client and understanding how you can be effective for them. This will make a real and impactful change to their business.

Obviously this getting-to-know-you phase is significant enough to empower real time, but I’ve set up there are a lot of ‘hacks’ that can help you come up to speed on an organization and its people.

Here will be 50+ Things you should read about the client

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Organic Social Media: Why Marketers Must Join the Conversations

Even accounting for the fact that Google has rolled Gmail and YouTube users into their Google+ user count, the total number of social network users is more outstanding than the population of every individual continent but one.

Facebook has become so globally pervasive that analysts talk about it coming near a saturation level for the worldwide addressable market of users with social capable phones.

You might be thinking “that’s the market size, that doesn’t tell us how users do or do not use social networks.”

Research from Forrester tells us that social networks have become a critical discovery platform and is nowadays the second most popular channel for website discovery, behind only organic search.

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Why Small Business Should Care About Native Advertising

There has been explosive growth in native advertising in 2014.Native advertising is defined by the IAB as advertising, that chooses the shape of the substance around the advertisement.

While native ads have been in existence since the former 2000s, it has gained new impulse this year as the SEO landscape has altered so significantly.

Native advertising offers an unparalleled user experience. An overwhelming majority of consumers say that sponsored content doesn’t hinder their experience on a web site. Consumers are also more likely to look at native ads and share them over display ads.



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Image is everything: Gmail launches the promotions grid

Grid view looks like a combination of Pinterest and Facebook and new Twitter – guess the whole internet is moving to this mode. It surely makes for more compelling viewing, but then Gmail created a lovely demo page that functions perfectly.

What are the prospects of the average box looking this good. What if a promotional electronic mail doesn’t have a photo or it only bears a little picture. Where is that brand logo coming from?

gmail grid

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How Branding and SEO Should Work Together

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a challenge, particularly if you’re well familiar with your brand. The link between SEO and branding must be shaped from the outset for the strongest possible associations. Maybe concentrating on SEO at the branding stage doesn’t appear like a wise usage of your time. Subsequently all, you’ll spend hours getting your branding strategy before you ever approach web design. How could you possibly produce a site and optimize for the search terms if you still don’t own an individuality?

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The SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design!

Web design is a special tone of any site which forces it to hold the form as per the devices on which it is being opened or seen. As simple as that you can place a glass of milk into a bottle and see that milk which was shaped as the glass a few minutes back will look like a bottle once poured into it.

Similarly, a website when opened in a desktop will have a different form, if it is constructed with the responsive design techniques, and the same website will vary its shape if opened on a tablet or Smartphone.

Fundamentally, this caliber is something which guides your website to place particular things in a different way on a different twist.

responsive web design for SEO

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Black-Hat Myths About White-Hat SEO

Search Engine Strategies conference, many black-hat search engine optimizers stated some misconceptions about white-hat search optimization strategies. For those unfamiliar with the terms, a white-hat search engine marketing firm, commonly known as an ethical SEM firm, traces all the guidelines, terms, and conditions set forth by the search engines. A black-hat SEM firm doesn’t take after all the search engines’ rules.

This column addresses some inaccurate comments made by black-hat SEOs about white-hat search optimization strategies.

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How to Use Google Analytics Site Search Reports

If your site receives a search bar, you need to insure you’re getting the most of this valuable report in Google Analytics.  It’s speedy to put up and can shortly be throwing you all sorts of insights and thoughts that you may never have experienced without it.

The Site Search report is found under Behavior and is focused on recording how people interact with the search functionality on your site.

This is actually still more valuable since organic keywords started appearing as this story indicates what people have actually typed, even if it is on your site instead of into Google – it’s probable that there are overlaps!

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The Difference Between App to App and Web to App Advertising

Mobile devices – and the apps contained within them – are increasingly “always on”. This always on phenomenon presents a pure chance for advertisers to drive meaningful engagement where messages are an integrated and seamless component of the user experience.

App to App vs. Web to App

Mobile app and mobile web are the two mediums that advertisers can utilize as a forum for their merchandising and advertising offers.

Many app publishers also have valuable first-party behavioral and demographic data that advertisers can use for enhanced targeting. As a result, mobile app inventory is the highest priced segment of the mobile inventory spectrum.

A user can navigate between an ad and the offer destination in two ways:

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How to Be More Creative in Your Online Campaigns

The SEO landscape has shifted so much in the last few years in the backwash of the Penguin and Panda apocalypse that the field is directly seen in the wider terms of online marketing or digital marketing. The single factor that is common is the requirement for new sciences such as PR, classic marketing and most importantly creativity. Agencies and independent individuals, who can’t adapt, evolve and embrace the fresh way of thinking/operating is vulnerable with nowhere to hide behind mediocre work and outdated tactics.

Be more creative, is a phrase often used within business and marketing with little consideration given to its meaning. But, what does it mean to be creative?

Creativity is a skill we can all access. Everyone has the capacity to generate ideas.

Admittedly, some people are more inclined towards creative thinking, just as some are able to figure large math’s calculations in their head .But anyone can increase his or her level of creativity by learning the skills of thinking and exercising their idea muscle.

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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Digital marketing isn’t the next big thing; it’s the greatest thing going on in the marketing world in good order at once.  A recent survey by marketing optimization found that more than half of marketing executives expect to spend more of their budgets on digital advertising than on traditional advertising like TV ads and radio plugs within the next two years.

But before you invest all of your marketing dollars into online channels; it’s significant to recognize what works when targeting customers in the digital universe.

Here are five digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1) Diving head first into digital

2) Information overload

3) Getting caught up in content

4) Neglecting mobile customers

5) Taking retargeting too far


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Three steps: How your competitors’ link profiles can help you to improve the links that point to your own site

The backlinks of your competitors can help you to improve the backlink structure of your site. It’s not enough to depend entirely on the backlinks that your rivals already have. Nevertheless, the backlink profiles of your rivals can be full of great
backlink opportunities for your own site.

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Here will be the three steps require to follow:

1: Enter the domain of a competitor in the link profiler tool

2: filter the results by industry and context

3: Add the page to the link manager


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5 Social Media Profile Optimization Tips for Brands

One of the softest things you can serve as a social media vendor is to optimize your social media profiles. It just requires a few minutes to improve a social media profile, and most of the optimizations can be enforced when you first make the report.

Here are five recommendations to help optimize your social media profiles.

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1. Branded Cover Photos and Background Images

Every social network receives a different image dimensions for the screen or background photos, but the reasoning for why we want we want our logo on the pictures is the same marking. The top image is usually the first thing a user picks up when he or she becomes a devotee of your page, and you want to make them a respectable picture of your stain.

2. Link to Other Social Media Profiles

One of the most comfortable ways to spark off your brand loyalists on another social platform is to tell them about it. Simple updates informing fans that you just launched an Instagram account can do the trick, but the time the post sits in the field is ephemeral.

3. Link to Your Main Website

Make sure your primary website is listed on each of your social profiles. This will improve branding, and it will help users distinguish between the official versus unofficial profile pages.

4. Fill Out Every Profile Field

This might look like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of marks that have incomplete profiles. Fill out everything you can with quality descriptions and precise data. Doing this will improve brand association and add value to your followers’ experience with the trade name.

5. Uniformity in Profile Descriptions

Every social profile doesn’t have to hold the exact same description, but you should use most of the same keywords. You want consistency in how you market your brand to fans, and a social


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10 Video SEO Tips That Can Truly Impact Your Rankings

Let’s focus in on video SEO and talk about how you can really create an impact on your ranking.

Have these 10 points be a checklist for your plan or review your video SEO strategy.


1. Use Video to Solve Problems & Provide New Information

To secure your own video clips to rank well for your search terms , you should present excellent content material that actually solves problems or will provide new information .

2. Make Videos Easy to Browse & Link to Individual Video Playback Pages

Grouping together your video clip assets and make a user friendly video resource center in which your visitors can easily look up your content.

3. Use Interactive Video Elements to Connect With Viewers

For each video clip anyone looks , there is an opportunity to contact that particular person to action or even guide them to the following logical step .

4. Be Smart & Relevant About Metadata

The senior involved marketing manager at SafeNet , mentioned how she makes use of rich metadata and also wise content organization to obtain the most from their video clip resource library .

5. Use Transcriptions for Indexing, Usability & Content

Transcriptions will surely have a major influence on your search rankings. The purpose was to check if a transcript could possibly take a video that has been not ranking and get it ranked.

6. Host Your Videos on Your Own Domain

If there is to be a single thing you will do to get extra Search engine optimization value from your own video clips it’s to host all of them on personally domain . YouTube and also Vimeo get their space, however you should host your own video tutorials on your website .

7. Make Sure You Have a Video Sitemap

To definitely nail the nuts and also bolts of video clips of Search engine optimization ,  you have to the concepts covered with an appropriately set up video sitemap .

8. Use YouTube to Preview High-Value Content, Drive Traffic Back to Your Own Site

YouTube is the best destination to obtain your own content material found out by new people . It’s an recognition station that should be a part of your own advertising mix ; but , you should consider YouTube just like a compulsory layover . It’s a fast stop on the path to your own resulting desired destination.

9. Allow Others to Embed Your Videos

Just like you make excellent video clips , allow other people include your own content material into their work . By making it very simple for other people to establish your video clips on their website , you’re raising the potential for extra backlinks to your personal site – obviously an Search engine optimization succeed .

10. Measure How Keywords Impact the Bottom Line

usually begin with the final in your mind . Just like you plan out your own video Search engine optimization technique , don’t neglect to execute a monitoring system to obtain the achievements of your new approach .

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Is a Fast Google Penalty Recovery Possible Using the Google Disavow Tool?

Disavow links  is a final option for webmasters to inform Google to ignore the spammy backlinks pointing to their sites. Use of this tool is generally part of the site cleanup activity required before raising a reconsideration request. Disavow links option is not available inside Webmaster Tools account, hence an external link is to be used to access this tool.

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Google+ Introduces New Features That Automatically Generate Movies And Travelogues

Google + will glance your uploaded photos, videos and the places you’ve visited to create a new travelogue. The result is a full-screen experience, starting with a slideshow cover and a timeline of images.

Each Google+ Story is slickly produced and closely resembles a physical photo album; perfect for sharing with your partner, distant relatives and close friends.

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5 Brilliant Ways to Use #Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the sign “#”.It is a form of metadata tag. Words in messages on microblogging and social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram may be tagged by putting “#” before them.

The first person used a hashtag in August 2007, they have become one of the most commonly used symbols on Twitter. People use them to organize conversations, tweet at events and engage in conversations online.

As a marketer, you want to be able to reach your community with the use of hashtags, especially during events, webinars or Twitter chats. However, if you want others to join in on the conversation and be able to engage with each other, you have to use a hashtag that is more unique.

When you use hashtags in your social media strategy, the key is to make sure you’re using the right hashtags at the right time to ensure you are reaching your audience in a positive way.

Here are some innovative ways you can use hashtags

1. Drive Engagement: # + Link = More Engagement

2. Test Your Messaging: #SOTU

3. Tie Activity Across Multiple Channels: #SB48

4. Create a Story: #esurancesave30

5. Track Results: #Whosgonnawin


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