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Trends of Website & Online Business in Year 2012

Immersive Radical Digimedia - 22-12-2011

Email Marketing

Now with unwanted SMS'es and telemarketing, being banned by TRAI, marketers are looking for alternatives in order to reach customers. Earlier email marketing which had taken a backseat because of mobile marketing has again become top priority for marketing managers in companies.

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New Year resolution for 2011 - does it include your website makeover?

Immersive Radical Digimedia - 20-01-2011

Today having just a website is passé. Having a content rich, regularly updated, traffic generating website that can be accessed even on a mobile phone is probably the most 'in' thing today.

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How companies and professionals can use LinkedIn for success

Immersive Radical Digimedia - 13-08-2010

LinkedIn is the largest social networking site for professional networking. LinkedIn has more than 70 million Professionals who are exchanging daily business information. LinkedIn is different from other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which are basically used for friendships, likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies etc. But in LinkedIn you can build connections with professionals who are in similar fields or professions. You could hook-up with you old college buddies or previous work colleagues. LinkedIn is about recommendations, your work experience details and your work profile.

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Is your website is good enough to generate revenue for your business

Immersive Radical Digimedia - 19-07-2010

When was the last time, you visited a website, and instantly fell in love with the presentation of information and the overall professional feel of the site? And if you are a business owner with a website, have you ever wondered, what your customers would feel about your website.

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Benefits of Internet marketing for your business

Immersive Radical Digimedia - 29-06-2010

Have you ever think about the online branding, online reputation of your business?  How can people find your products or services even though they don’t know about your business? How you can get the maximum no. of customer for your business.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Website & Search Engine Optimization

Immersive Radical Digimedia - 17-06-2010

Search engine optimization popularly called ‘SEO’, is the process of increasing the ranking in search engines when someone types the keywords of related to your site. The site which has a higher ranking in the search engine compared to its competitor, will get the most traffic and obviously more sales.

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Building your Website in 2010, here are some interesting Web Site Designing Tips

Immersive Radical Digimedia - 17-06-2010

Everyone would like to have the best looking and most successful website out there! But have you ever wondered what it takes to have a web site that not only looks PRO but also is a hit with your audience? Here are some interesting tips that you may need to keep in mind when designing your website.

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Importance of a Professional Website in Today's Business Environment

Sunil Nagaraj -

The spread of the Internet across the globe and easy availability of information has forced many companies to revamp their websites in line with the needs of prospective customers using the latest in tools and technology. Since majority of customers today use search engines to find products and services, before actually picking up the telephone, it is imperative, that your website provides all the required information in a clear and crisp manner.

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Customer Case Study

A midsized IT Software Product Development company in Bangalore – had a rudimentary website designed by their In-house staff. It has no updated product information and was not visible on any major search engine. Also the website was hosted with an un-reliable ISP



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