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Trends of Website & Online Business in Year 2012

Email Marketing

Now with unwanted SMS'es and telemarketing, being banned by TRAI, marketers are looking for alternatives in order to reach customers. Earlier email marketing which had taken a backseat because of mobile marketing has again become top priority for marketing managers in companies. Focus in 2012 will be to develop customer relations using email, analyzing the clicks and interest shown by clients in reading marketing emails. So design of the email campaign & close follow-up will be top focus instead of a 'fire & forget' kind of method.

Website Traffic Analysis

Focus will be on acquiring intelligent methods of knowing customers & their buying habits. It won't be good enough to just know how many customers are visiting your website. It would be very important to go through your website analytics, to know how many are unique visitors and how many are ones who have previously visited. The trends in the coming years would also be about usable data in the analytics. It is not just looking at numbers but some actionable items for the business owner to attend to that can convert visitors into customers.

Quality Matters

In 2011, Google came out with major updates to its ranking algorithm, called the Panda/Farmer updates. This was an attempt by Google to remove/delist websites that were just ranking not because of content, but they were employing un-ethical means of getting links from spam websites. These websites that were ranking were nothing more than just ad-serving pages that gave no value to web searchers. In 2012, the focus will be on quality of content. If you have good well-written content, then Google will send you visitors/customers.

Mobile Websites

There are millions of phone users and the number of internet enabled smart phones is also very large. Many phone users have suggested that provided an option, they would like to shop from their mobiles. So with mobile payment services catching up, then it is not very far that you would be ordering your beer bottles from your mobile.


At the end of the day, trends come and go, businesses need to grow. The web and Social media are two faces of the same coin, which cannot be overlooked by entrepreneurs. Who would have imagined 5 years ago, that there would a phenomenon called Facebook, where one could find his long lost friends from school and try to make friends with total strangers sitting in the comfort of their bedrooms.

So go out there and focus on the New Year ahead, with a sense of optimism and be ready to embrace change & innovation.

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