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New Year resolution for 2011 - does it include your website makeover?

Today having just a website is passé. Having a content rich, regularly updated, traffic generating website that can be accessed even on a mobile phone is probably the most 'in' thing today.

So is website redesign - one of your New Year resolutions for 2011? If yes, then read on.

Your website makeover to-do list can include some of these things:-

Website built with a CMS (Content management system) – This should be a top priority, since content on your website needs to be updated on a regular basis, as old content is disliked by search engines. Waiting for your designer to update content can be time consuming and expensive. If you are on a budget, Wordpress is a good open source tool that can be used as a CMS. If you can open up your wallet a little, look at a customised CMS, with the bells & whistles.

Latest product reviews by your customers maybe with their pictures, after all who would not like to have his face posted on the internet.

Put up a video blog. It’s not a big deal, really! Take a webcam, position yourself comfortably in front of it and start shooting product demos, a talk about your product and its benefits. You can include anything in the video which makes customers confident about your product. Post these videos to your blog, YouTube and other video sharing sites. See your sales zoom!

Facebook 'Like' icons linked to your company Facebook page (if you don't have a Facebook account yet - it’s time to get one!)

If you are selling online, integrate an online chat facility, by which your customers can get their questions clarified, instead of sending you an email or calling your sales person. (You can look at providers like who offer basic chat services that cost you nothing)

Put up a Facebook business page, that includes your logo, business contacts, product information and an enquiry button.

Plan on a Social media campaign, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and other relevant social media websites. These sites are really the next big traffic generating websites after Google, with a target audience waiting to buy your product.

Email Marketing. Start asking your prospects to sign-up for your email newsletter, by enticing them with freebies, and then start sending regular updates to them. They may not buy anything immediately, but over a period of time, your newsletter will keep your product fresh in their minds when they are ready to make a decision.

These can be few of the things you can focus on for this year.

Go ahead and start 2011, with new vigour, leave the past behind and focus on the year ahead in the hope that this year your website makes a valuable difference to your business and customers.

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